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Clothes storage board

Clothes storage board

For closets - use EZ on your shelves. Every dress is neatly displayed, and there is no need to clutter the rest of the shelves. You can easily get that shirt from the bottom of the dresser drawer without making a mess!
Travel accessories - use EZ in your suitcase and you won't have to open it again! Put the matching clothes together and easily pull them out of the trunk without messing up the rest!
Office papers - put your papers on EZ as if you were spreading them out on a desk. Pile them up and put them back. It's like a series of bookshelves, only occupying the space of the documents you put.
Laundry room - when you use EZ in the laundry room, it's easy to make a proper pile of clothes. You can pile them up and put them in the right pile without folding them. Pile height, combined piles, better use of Limited laundry and counter space.
There are many other ways to use EZ! Use it as a folding pattern, perfect folding every time. Put children's clothes, uniforms and pajamas on a partition board so that children can easily find a matching suit.
Environmental protection material, Customizable logo, OEM support.
We can packing according to customer's demand.
We can develop different Clothers storage board according to the sample, requirement or drawing of the customer.